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4 Creative Gothic Cat Clothing Styles

4 Creative Gothic Cat Clothing Styles

The only thing better than gothic fashion is gothic fashion with cats. That’s kind of what we’re all about here at Shadow Meow. With lots of gothic cat designs and styles to choose from, we thought we’d give you the rundown on some of our favorite products that can complement your look.

Gothic Cat Women’s T-Shirts

If you’re going for a casual everyday look, these awesome gothic t-shirts can literally be the right fit. There are tons of designs to choose from a wide array of artists. 


ying yang goth cats t shirt

Yin Yang Goth Cats T-Shirt


One of our favorites is the Yin and Yang design, which features a black cat and a white cat positioned in the classic Yin Yang symbol. We love the detail of this one right down to the facial expressions and those deep purple amethyst eyes. Something about the way these two gothic cats are staring up at you is super adorable but also gives you chills (in a good way).



goth kitten t shirt

Gothic Kitten T-Shirt


Another one of our favorites is the playful gothic kitten design. In this one, a tiny grey and black kitten is peering out through some slashed rips and tears with a playful gaze. Again, we love the deep purple eyes on this little one and you can see this young kitty has got some pretty sharp claws on hand (which would probably explain the rips!)

Gothic Cat Leggings

Good gothic leggings are hard to find, especially if you’re looking for ones with a design involving cats. That’s why we’re super stoked on these bottoms because they are truly one-of-a-kind. 


gothic cat women's leggings

Black Cat Tears Gothic Leggings


The top pick around here is the black cat tears gothic leggings. This design features a portrait shot of a grey and black cat with deep purple amethyst eyes staring onward, seemingly unphased, as black tears drip down from the eyes. This is such a unique design and aside from being super cool, also invokes a strong sense of emotion.

Gothic Cat Dresses

We’ve got a few different gothic cat dresses on hand that we’re pretty excited about, including mini-dresses, corset dresses, and more! Honestly, we are still very torn on what our favorite one here is but so far, the general consensus favors this gothic cat corset dress.


gothic cat corset dress

Gothic Cat Corset Dress


This is a really great design and in true gothic fashion as well. It has a lace overlay for the shoulders, some open breathing room for the bust, and not to mention the adorable vampire kitten concept. With the full moon rising in the night sky, a young black kitten with wings like a bat and fangs like a vampire gazes playfully onward. This is the perfect gothic corset dress for those who are wanting to combine their love of gothic fashion with their love of cats.

Gothic Cat Accessories

No look would be complete without some accessories and luckily, we’ve got a variety of gothic cat accessories to complement your outfit or just to have some really cool items for your home. From the home decor section, you can find things like gothic cat blankets, pillows, and travel mugs. In terms of fashion accessories, we’ve got gothic cat sneakers, tote bags, and more!

gothic cat high top sneakers

Gothic Cat High Top Sneakers


Hands down, our favorite from this section has to be these goth cat sneakers. We’ve never seen a pair quite like these ones and we’re super stoked on the design. Featuring a dark black cat with deep purple eyes and a pentagram collar, these gothic high top sneakers are sure to get people talking (and walking!)

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