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Double Layer Cat Litter Trapper Mat
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About This Product Say goodbye to cat litter being tracked throughout your home! 😻 This revolutionary cat litter trapper mat uses an innovative 3D convex honeycomb design to catch and lock in litter that is spread via the paws or through kicking when your furry companion is leaving the litterbox. To use, simply place the mat adjacent to the entrance of the litter box and enjoy having to never worry about cat litter being tracked around the surrounding area or throughout your home again. With its double-layer design, litter is caught within the honeycomb holes on the top layer and remains trapped in the bottom layer, preventing spread when walked on. To empty the caught litter, simply open the fold and dump the excess litter back into the litterbox or discard as desired. Crafted from eco-friendly EVA foam rubber, this mat is non-toxic and completely pet safe. The rubber material is comfortable on your cats' paws and claws. The bottom lining is super water-resistant, which repels urine and any other liquids and the non-slip design ensures the mat stays in place when in use. The rubber material is super easy to clean. Simply wash or rinse with water and hang to dry. Alternatively, the mat can be easily be vacuumed. A simple household blowdryer can be used to dry up any moisture beforehand. Save time and energy with this double-layer cat litter trapper mat and easily keep floors clean. Works great with any cat litter box, cat box, and most kitty litters including clumping styles, pellets, traditional, or newer crystal-based litters such as Pretty Litter. Enjoy free shipping to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada! Specifications Crafted with eco-friendly EVA foam rubber Lightweight, durable, and non-toxic material (Pet Safe) 12 mm 3D convex honeycomb holes trap and lockdown litter twice as well as other conventional mats Design opens effortlessly for easy discarding, dumping, and cleaning of kitty litter Water-resistant bottom, breathable, easy to clean, non-slip mat Captures up to 90% or more of excess kitty litter No strong material scent. Virtually odorless Available Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm, 40c m x 50 cm, 45 cm x 60 cm, 55 cm x 75 cm Thickness: 1.5 cm Available Colors: Gray, Brown, Pink, Blue, Black Works with most kitty litters including clumping styles, pellets, traditional, or newer crystal-based litters Free shipping Notes 😺 This item has a processing time of 5-7 days before it's shipped. 😺 This item has a slightly longer shipping time of 15-30 days.

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