Tessa and the Emerald Dreamstone: Chapter 1

Tessa’s recurring dream of a mysterious emerald leads her to seek out insight from the frog oracle Mr. Froggsworth.
Tessa and the Emerald Dreamstone: Chapter 1

 Visions of the Emerald Dreamstone


Looking ahead, a gleaming green emerald levitates radiantly over an ancient stone table, riddled in the secret symbols of Nel’gar—the language of a once powerful race of sorcerers who have long disappeared from this world.


She couldn't remember exactly how she knew that exactly but this all felt somehow familiar—almost as if it had happened before.

Stepping closer to this glowing emerald, she could feel the vast power contained within the shard. It called to her but as she reached out her hand to touch the stone, the world around her began to violently collapse. 

Suddenly, as if it had never happened at all, she awoke in her bed to her familiar surroundings. Opening her eyes, she realized it had all been a dream.

“Again with this strange dream,” Tessa yawned as she reluctantly sat up in bed. “I wish I knew what it meant.”

The young witch made her way over to the kitchen and started heating a small cauldron for some morning tea. Still half asleep, she put on her foraging slippers and went outside to collect some mushrooms from the enchanted forest she called home.

Foraging nearby, she tied up her wavy brown hair which often got in the way at times. Her emerald green eyes sparkled as the morning light streaked beautifully through the spaces between the giant trees.

As she continued to forage she could hear the bustle of activity coming from the surrounding woods. Although she lived alone, she shared the Forgotten Forest with many magical creatures, plenty of which were her friends.

Despite the morning bustle of the forest, she couldn’t stop thinking about her recurring dream of the green emerald and its overwhelming power.

“What does it mean?” She thought to herself perplexed. 

As she reached over a moss-covered stone for a ripe golden mushroom, suddenly something sprung out from the nearby bushes.

“A beautiful morning is it not?” 

Tessa jumped up startled, spilling the mushrooms she already collected.

“Mr. Froggsworth!” She exclaimed startled and blushing. “You nearly scared me half to death!”

The old frog creature hopped over apologetically.

“I’m sorry my dear,” he said genuinely. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I tend to blend into the forest at times.”

He began helping Tessa pick up the mushrooms she had dropped in all the excitement and joked laughingly.

“I’m a frog and I don’t think I’ve even jumped as high as you did just now.”

Tessa glared at him half smiling.

“You silly frog. I should be scolding you far worse than I am right now.”

The chuckling frog placed the last dropped mushroom into Tessa’s foraging basket.

“You must have been deep in thought,” he said observantly. 

Tessa paused for a moment. She had been deep in thought. She realized not only had she been thinking deeply about her recurring dreams of late but also her mind rested on her four friends—companions she had lost some time ago.

The tone in Mr. Froggsworth's voice grew soft and gentle.

“I know that look. I’ve seen that sadness on your face many times before.”

Standing up slowly, Tessa dusted off her dress.

“I miss them a lot sometimes.”

Mr. Froggsworth drew closer.

“As do I my girl. As do I.”

The two began walking back to the house as they reminisced of older days.

“Mr. Froggsworth, you’re somewhat of an oracle are you not?” 

He looked back at Tessa and chuckled to himself.

“Well I’m not the most powerful by any means but let’s just say I didn’t achieve the magic I have now on good looks alone.”

He paused for a moment before continuing.

“Why do you ask my dear?”

Tessa hesitated for a moment. She wondered if it was even worth mentioning. After all, it could just be nothing at all.

“I keep having this recurring dream lately,” she spoke quietly. “I feel it has some connection to them - to the others.”

Mr. Froggsworth looked up with understanding in his eyes.

“Ah, you don’t say?”

Now standing outside the door to her house, the young witch and the oracle frog shared the same expression.

“Will you look into my dream and tell me what it means?” Tessa asked earnestly. 

Mr. Froggsworth paused before reaching for the magic amulet that hung around his neck and clasped it in his hand.

“Well there are never any guarantees but we can see if my amulet will respond to the dream.”

In a burst of excitement, Tessa picked up Mr. Froggsworth and hugged him so tightly, she nearly squished him to death.

“Oh thank you Mr. Froggsworth, thank you!”

The old frog gasped for breath as he tried to speak.

“Yes, of course, my dear but my body may explode if you squeeze me any tighter!”

Setting him down, Tessa made her way back inside to attend to the cauldron and finish preparing her morning tea. Mr. Froggsworth followed her indoors and seated himself calmly at the table. She came back with two cups of the fresh tea, both were steaming hot with a lovely aroma. Placing one cup in front of Mr. Froggsworth and the other in front of an empty chair, she gently sat down.

“It’s been a while since I last had a morning mushroom tea,” expressed Mr. Froggsworth as he inhaled the aromatic steam with delight. “Which ones did you use?”

Tessa took a sip from her cup. “The Golden Goddess has always been my favorite,” she replied softly.

“Ah, one of the rarest to find,” noted Mr. Froggsworth as he took another sip. With his eyes closed and a smile on his face, he began to take on a warmer glow.

“It’s been so long I had almost forgotten how wonderful this tea is. I can feel my magic being rejuvenated.”

Tessa smiled as she too began to glow lighter.

“It’s always important to purify your magic and detox from negative energy,” she exclaimed knowingly. “Nothing does it better than the Golden Goddess.”

The two friends sat and continued to talk together as they enjoyed their magical morning tea. Finally, when they had both finished their cup, Mr. Froggsworth looked up to meet Tessa’s gaze.

“Well then. Should we get started?”

Tessa nodded approvingly.

Mr. Froggsworth hopped onto the table. Quite a bit shorter than Tessa, he needed an extra lift to be able to remain eye-level with her. As she sat calmly, he removed the amulet from around his neck and held it tightly in his hands.

“Close your eyes and let’s see what the amulet reveals.”

Tessa gently closed her eyes as she felt the pendant touch her forehead. Mr. Froggsworth had closed his eyes as well.

Suddenly Tessa felt a wave of power wash over her as an infinite number of sounds, sensations, and images rushed through her mind’s eye. Memories, fears, thoughts and emotions engulfed every essence of her being. It was as if she was flying through an infinite galaxy within herself—living a thousand lifetimes in but a single moment.

Mr. Froggsworth’s expression had grown serious. He had begun to tremble slightly as sweat started to drip from his forehead. His face grew tense as he clenched his teeth—the powerful vision he was experiencing clearly overwhelming.

Finally, he opened his eyes rapidly and withdrew the amulet from Tessa’s forehead. His breath was heavy as he collapsed and fell right off the table immediately after.

“Are you alright Mr. Froggsworth?” Tessa asked concerned.

It took a moment to collect himself but when he did, he turned to Tessa with a faint red glow emanating from his eyes.

“Your dream,” He paused for a moment. “It is of the green emerald that hovers over the ancient stone yes?”

Tessa’s voice grew excited.

“So you’ve seen it?” She exclaimed eagerly. “Do you know what it means?”

Mr. Froggsworth sat up and walked to the nearby window as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief and gazed introspectively into the forest outside.

“It is the  Life Shard of Nel’gar.” He spoke sternly. “Also known as the Emerald Dreamstone.”

“The Emerald Dreamstone?” Tessa repeated puzzled. “I’ve never heard of anything called that before.” A curious look had begun in her eye.

“It is old knowledge, as ancient as the Nel’gar themselves.”

Tessa stood up from her chair.

“I thought the “Nel’gar were just a myth?”

Mr. Froggsworth turned from the window to face the young witch.

“That is what most believe these days but just because time has allowed for the world to forget of the things that once were, that doesn’t mean they stopped existing.”

“I don’t understand,” Tessa said confused. “What does the Phonex Ruby do?”

Mr. Froggsworth made his way back to the table and sat down as Tessa did the same.

“None are alive that know for sure but it is believed that the Emerald Dreamstone has the power to restore life in any form.”

“Restore life?” Tessa felt herself say under her breath.

Mr. Froggsworth continued to explain.

“It is said that the Emerald Dreamstone only appears to those pure in heart and that must be coupled with both strong sadness and unending loneliness.”

Tessa stared intently at Mr. Froggsworth with eager eyes.

“It is an ancient gift with unknown origins that allows for that which was done, to be undone. The love of what was lost and the subsequent grief of loss, must be more powerful than all else. It is under these conditions that it is said the Emerald Dreamstone appears to those who need it.”

Mr. Froggsworth met Tessa’s gaze with an equal expression and then began to take a seat at the table.

“I believe the Emerald Dreamstone is seeking you because your mind dwells only on your fallen companions.”

Tessa felt at a loss for words as she tried to understand everything he was saying.

It was true her sadness and loneliness seemed unbearable most of the time, as the memories of her four coven sisters and the horrible fate they each suffered haunted her relentlessly. It was both love and grief for them that she felt most often.

“But how does anyone find such a stone?” Tessa asked perplexed. “All I have to go off of is the image from my dream?”

Standing up from his chair once more, Mr. Froggsworth made his way to the door.

“The dream is the stone making itself known to you,” he explained. “The more you seek it out, the more it will guide you to its location.”

Tessa stood up suddenly.

“Are you leaving Mr. Froggsworth?”

As he opened the door, he spoke tiredly.

“I must rest after using the amulet. It has drained a significant amount of my magic and I never could’ve known the Emerald Dreamstone was within your dreams. I require mediation and a tonic to restore my stamina.”

“What should I do now?” Blurted out Tessa still confused.

Just as he was about to close the door, Mr. Froggsworth turned to meet her gaze again.

“Gather your strongest orb charms and meet me in the Seer’s Meadow at midnight. There the crystal orb will show us what steps are to follow.”

And with that, he closed the door as he slowly hopped out into the forest.

Tessa let herself fall backward on her bed and stared at the ceiling. 

“Could such a thing be true?” She wondered to herself. 

It was no secret that she had looked for ways to revive her fallen sisters to no avail. Did the Emerald Dreamstone offer some kind of hope that she may see her coven again?

She sighed heavily as she continued to ponder everything Mr. Froggsworth had said. If there was some way to save her friends, there was no doubt in her mind that she’d take it. Even though it sounded far fetched, she began rummaging through a nearby chest in search of her strongest orb charms.

The seeing orb would have an answer and then she would know what she must do.

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